Sunday, November 02, 2008

Here is Kiera being held by Grandma Sally (Scott's mom). She is keeping us very busy! I have been trying to blog for at least three weeks now. She developed a sore bottom, therefore we skipped going along with Scott to Sheboygan. She was REALLY unhappy that weekend, but we got some special diaper cream and she is better now. Our goal was to use cloth diapers exclusively, but her bum cannot take it. We alternate throughout the day depending upon what is going on. If we go for a walk or hike, she gets a disposable diaper put on. If we are just around the house, then the cloth diapers work. I still have to try elimination communication, or EC for short. There are times at night where she wakes and is dry. It is quite amazing after she has been sleeping so long. She is 5 weeks old as of yesterday and is getting big fast. She likely weighs about 10 pounds and no longer looks like a newborn. She is also alert and awake more. She loves to put weight through her feet and look out the window. She also loves getting outside (she sleeps the entire time usually and I have figured out how to nurse and walk at the same time. I was psyched to figure it could be done).

Training for me is up and down. I went for my second run of the fall last sunday with only one jogbra on. I will never again go for a run without at least double jog braing while nursing. My mammary tissue hurt so bad after that run! It hurt about as bad as it did initially when we were first learning how to nurse and not doing everything right. I thought I got mastitis from that run (painful infection of the milk ducts), but I think I just inflammed them from the constant jarring. I got really sick the next day developing a 102.6 degree temperature that took until wednesday morning to break. I have never felt so achy, crappy, chilled, hot, etc all at the same time! It took most of the week to feel better and I finally got back on the bike saturday (yesterday). I ran again today with the proper support and things are much better. I think I'll have to triple bra next time though.

Biking is going well when I get a chance. Sometimes I am too tired to ride trail and it has been raining a lot this fall so I think I have only ridden trail three or four times total. I have a hard time believing I ever went fast on a MTB. I am still a bit heavier than I would like and feel like a fish out of water on the trail when trying to ride faster than slow pace. I try not to get discouraged and try instead to just enjoy being outside and enjoy the break from taking care of peanut. She is great, but I do appreciate my time away from her so I can look forward to seeing her again. If I get some sort of break once a day, I am very happy. Grandma Sally has also been coming over the past three saturdays so that Scott and I can ride together. We are VERY thankful Grandma Sally wants to spend so much time with Kiera!

Scott's race at Sheboygan had its ups and downs. He felt good both the first and third laps, but for some reason felt terrible laps two and four (thus losing a number of places on those laps). He definitely has been racing better this year than last and is encouraged that he feels good enough to keep him from dropping out of races but he also thinks his best races are ahead of him. The lack of sleep prior to the race didn't help (he got his first full night of sleep the night before Sheboygan - lucky guy). Getting rid of the cats was the best thing we could have done for his health. He has so much more energy now and I feel like I have a normal husband back. He used to have to nap all the time; especially after work each day. Not anymore. Now he is a work horse! This afternoon he and Todd McFadden are doing some trail work to help getting the XC ski trails ready (Magney and Spirit). Hopefully, we will have good snow this winter!

Next race for Scott may be the MN state CX race. We'll see.