Thursday, March 11, 2010


Since it's spring and riding is now in full force, I figured I'd better start the blog once the again. Skiing was stellar this winter, so I didn't get on the bike at all between November and the end of February. Once the ski trails started to deteriorate, we got out on the snowmobile trails. We only got four rides on the snowmobile trails before the warm weather took care of them too. Go figure. I suspected we'd get a month of solid trail riding in before having to resort to the soggy gravel much for that idea.

We will be riding Treks again this year so we are obviously stoked. I think this will be the 11th straight year I've raced a Trek mountain bike and 8 straight for Sara. Thank you, TREK!

We are heading out to Moab the first full week of April. It will be nice to meet up with my brother Brad who lives in Flagstaff, AZ. Uncle Brad is kind enough to watch Kiera so Sara and I can ride together like we did in the old days.

We lost over a foot of snow in the last week and had plenty of rain - even hail - the past couple of days, so it appears spring is at its finest. The weather has forced me to dust off the rollers last night and now I've used them two nights in a row. I only got a 1/2 hour in tonight, however, because the band broke that transfers the energy from the rear roller to the front. With any luck, I'm pretty sure I can repair it with some shrink tube.