Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Couldn't sleep...again. So up at 5:30 am, finally looked at the rock shox website to get the directions to dial in my rear shock. I typically try to figure it out on my own each year, but I'd highly recommend just getting the directions from the start. The rest of my (long) morning was spent building gardens and hauling dirt. I have HUDGE pile of dirt in our driveway that I had delivered today. I have to get it moved otherwise our VW van is trapped in the garage. Good forsight on my part. I purchased some organic vegetable plants grown by a local gardener. Duluth is really cool that way. There are so many good places to get locally grown and organic food.
Off to Hartley trail this afternoon for a trail ride. Fun, tight, rocky, rooty singletrack. The hail and rain from two nights ago hadn't fully sunk in. I have been really frustrated the past few rides with singletrack so my goal was just to look ahead and ride smooth. I love riding that trail. It has a little bit of everything. Steep short and long climbs, technical decents, tight singletrack and lots of vegetation to make the trail difficult to see. My favorite part of the trail is "the pines". Not officially marked as such, like the rest of the trail. When I first rode in Hartley 4 years ago or so I would get lost. I would take my father-in-law with me (he grew up riding his motorcycle in hartley and his brother made a lot of the trails when he was young that are still ridden now), and we'd both get lost. The trails are not marked and there is no trail map. There is the blue pot loop, named as such, cuz of a blue pot that hangs from a stump along the trail. The guard rail loop loops around by a road that has a guard rail on it so drivers don't go off the road. I think only mountain bikers know the loops have names.

Scott is feeling a little left out of my blog. So I am attaching a photo of us in Moab. I was holding out for the photo of him that we are planning on putting on the Powdermonkey race poster. Hopefully, I'll attach that one later.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Kyia and Kris, eh hum Mr. Anderson, spent memorial day weekend at our house. Scott and Kyia helped me set up this blog and with images of high school computer programming class, finally got all my links to work today. Yesterday while riding at Spirit Mtn we ran into the Oftendahl (my apoligies if spelled wrong) brothers. We rode some of our secret singletrack as well, trails that are not included in the Powdermonkey race course. Today Scott, Kyia, Kris, and I headed out for a long ride on some other trails that are difficult to find unless you know some of the locals. I got us lost for a little while, but evidently made it back to the house. Kyia helped me weed out this hudge patch of raspberry bushes once the fog finally lifted on saturday. Tonight it hailed! Not quite dime sized, but nickel sized were reported in some areas. Tomorrow night the Mont du Lac ride, if my legs recover.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Alpine Valley Open - May 21, 2006

Chris Shaw, Trek Midwest Regional Team Manager, emailed me this photo from the race:

Our team had a good showing for the day in the elite field: Doug 1st, Tristan 3rd, and myself 1st. Perfect weather - 60's - for us northern folk that haven't been exposed yet to the forces of summer sun (or any sun most days).

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Moab - April 2006

My 66 year old father-in-law.

Irv enjoying a good technical downhill.

Beautiful weather with 30+ hours riding base miles and working on technical skills. Sunny everyday. Unlimited traction. Took my 2005 Fuel for its last Moab trip before passing ownership to a developing rider.