Saturday, March 31, 2007

The weather is crappy outside (ice storm) so I thought I would post some photos from earlier this winter. We got 20" of snow in one storm couldn't leave our house for two day via car. We snowshoed on the creek - which was phenonmenal.

Last monday we went on a great road ride through wrenshall, carlton, and back to duluth. It was 70 degrees out when we started our ride at 4 pm. There is really great riding in duluth, if you know where to go (both for road and mountain biking). There are some pot-hole ladden roads to avoid, but some others with brand new pavement. Today I succommed to going to the gym to work out. I finally got back into the pool (I am not a good swimmer, but it is a good workout).

I am planning on being involved in some women's clinics this summer to promote mountain biking. Last summer I did one clinic, which I enjoyed. It is fun getting to know other women that ride. I was impressed with their level and willingness to improve their skills. We have a May 3rd Women's Clinic planned at The Ski Hut in Duluth where there will be reps from the bike company's there to promote their products along with some of us local women racer's to give a presentation. Should be fun and I hope a lot of women show up. Of course, the Trek rep will be there!

I read in Velonews a while back that bikers that don't blog don't ride. That is not the truth. I have been so busy with work this past year that I can either blog with my free time, or ride (or some form of exercise as allowed in the great North). We didn't get much snow this year, so could ride our bikes most of the winter. Up until we got an ice storm (I don't have studded tires) and then again up until we got 20" of snow all at once. The skiing was fantastic for a week and then it warmed up right away and now it is all gone. We have another ice storm that started yesterday. By the time I left work, by office window had a good 1/2" of ice covering it completely. Poor Scott had to scrape the ice off the car before he picked me up at work.

I got my New Trek 9.9 a little bit ago. Beautiful bike! I am fired up for to race it this season.
This needs to be a short post as Scott and I just got the car unstuck out of the yard. The grass is so frozen.