Tuesday, December 25, 2012


We ordered a fat bike a couple of weeks ago. After proclaiming I'd never waste the money on one of these babies for the past five plus years, I called up Whitey at the Ski Hut and had him get us a 970. Since Sara and I need another winter bike and we can ride the same size bike, we decided to plunk down some $$$ and step into the cultish fat tire world. As every Nordic skiers knows, Duluth skiing has been deplorable at best the past couple of years and fighting out riding on a traditional 29er is a strenuous endeavor to say the least. I love riding ice and harder packed snowmo trails, but it gets so darn warm that even a bit of snow makes for a slow slog for the 29er. This is my first public admission of the purchase, but I just had to get it off my chest. Phew.

I gotta admit that I'd much rather classic or skate ski but mother nature is having none of that any more. Sara, Kiera, Cory $ Sophia Salmela and I skied at Giants Ridge on Saturday and Sunday and I couldn't believe how good the skiing is despite the dearth snow. Skiing at the Ridge is exhilarating because they've got so many good trails with longer climbs and descents. Furthermore, the girls got to play in the pool and run around the lodge.

Congrats to Josey Wiek on his impressive cyclocross result in Europe!