Sunday, April 22, 2007

Scott and I had a fantastic ride today. A bit longer than we had planned....a little over 4 hours....but we managed to avoid the rain. We got rain at our house while we were gone, but the weather while we rode was fantastic! 70 degrees. First time I have ridden all year and have not gotten chilled riding down the last big descent to our house. I love my Madone. I swear it is like pedaling air. With the road dried out I have gotten reacquainted with all my bicycles, plus an additional XO1 I just got a week or so ago in order to train when it gets wet. I have fantastic little fenders on it so I have no excuses not to ride. Nice! We also got one of those little ipod shuffles; makes a hudge difference to get me motivated to go riding and listen to music on those days when I am not so motivated. I have only used it once to get me out the door, but its great just to have along anyway. It is easy to hook up to our JBL creatures and listen in the house. I wonder what our neighbors think sometimes.

Monday, April 16, 2007

I finally got to ride my new Fuel 9.9! I can't believe how smooth and fast it is!! I don't like to ride my good bikes on the roads if there is still salt and water on the roads, so it was really nice that the roads dried up. Scott and I joined the ski hut ride tonight for a road ride on our mountain bikes. We joined a really nice group of 20 riders or so. I got a chance to meet a few people and catch up with others I hadn't seen in a while. It was a blast! It is hard to believe that my racing season starts in roughly a month. I just got our taxes done and I need some sleep! Nothing like waiting until the last minute.

Friday, April 06, 2007

My energy is pretty low this week and I am sure I am fighting some sort of cold. I finally cleaned our house with the extra time. Doesn't take nearly as much energy as biking. I am hoping to come around tomorrow as there has been some snowmobile activity on the trails and it gets cold at night (between 8-12 degrees) so the trails set up really nicely. People here are sick of winter, so it is not likely to see other people out. I rode on the roads a few days ago while the wind was blowing and drifting snow across the roads. Crazy. Duluth has gotten snow in July, so it is not too surprising.

Hope everyone has a good Easter. :)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

This is a photo of our last snowstorm, but this is what it looks like again after it dropped 8-12" two days ago. So in the two weeks we have gone from 70 degrees to ice storm to snow storm. I am hoping the snowmobilers were out to pack in the snow on the trails. It is 8 degrees outside, so I'll wait til it warms up to 30 this afternoon. Amazingly, race season starts in only a month or so. Before this snow I was hopeful we'd be on trails before then, but it staying cold so maybe we'll still have snow!

If you have never been to Charlie Farrow's blog, you've got to check it out. He's hilarious! His blog name is CPFarrow. He pay's a little tribute to Wayne and Garth, has political cartoons, etc.