Saturday, December 06, 2008

Here is Scott and Kiera while Kiera is checking herself out in the mirror. Kiera is growing and changing fast. She likes to 'talk' and kick, or as Scott's dad says 'likes to start her motorcycle' by imitating with her legs that motion; especially while on the changing table. The changing table is what we call her 'happy place'. She smiles and seems happiest when half naked.

Kiera is only eating one time per night now and then another in the early morning (5 or 6 AM ish) which is much better than the three times per night when she was smaller. Some days I feel almost normal and not so sleep deprived. Other days I feel like I am 'melting' from lack of sleep. I finally felt good running and biking just over a week ago. Before then I felt like I was just slugging along; really slow and heavy. My body is finally starting to feel more like my old self before pregnancy. I still have a few pounds to lose. The last ten has been the hardest. I lost the first twenty without much effort; it was probably mostly extra fluid.

I am mostly running because it is easier and faster to get ready, a good workout in a relatively short amount of time, and I can push Kiera in the Chariot (we have an infant sling) when it is not too cold. I have been riding the trainer some, but mostly avoiding that piece of training equipment and riding my Paragon outside when I have enough time. Timing training is a bit tricky with breastfeeding. Today I left Scott a freshly pumped bottle so I could run as long as I wanted. Good thing too. I could tell there was quite the scuffle for Scott to get Kiera to take the bottle and they were both out cold by the time I got home. They are very good napping buddies.