Sunday, March 31, 2013


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After thirteen years on the same bike brand, Sara and I will be riding Specialized Epic 29ers this year. Incidentally, Sara cut her teeth on a Specialized M4 full-suspension MTB in Moab, UT fourteen years ago. Even though it was her second trip to Moab, there was a lot of blood, tears and angst during her second visit. Thanks to Ski Hut and Specialized, we are building the bikes from the ground up, so it’s exciting to work with a bunch of new Specialized components along with the new SRAM XX1 group. We are waiting for all of our XX1 components to show up but by the sounds of it, it will be worth it.

We’ve been putting in a bit more time on bikes now that good skiing is behind us. It’s amazing how tired we get riding on the road, spinning our legs versus skate or classic skiing – or chugging along on the chubby bike. From a neuromuscular standpoint, we’ve got some work to do. Speaking of the chubby bike, I was fortunate to swap out our 80mm rims for 100mm clown shoes. The wider rims transform the bike into a snow surfing machine, easily navigating deep, rutty, new snow. I now see what all the fuss is with these bikes. In fact, I rode snowmobile trails last week in the afternoon sun in 47 degrees, an impossible feat on any other type of bicycle. It was fast on my first pass, but the second time through was much easier. I’d highly recommend getting one if you are looking for an alternative to fighting a skinny tire bike in the winter. Make sure to get clown shoes and Big Fat Larry tires though.

Since my dad returned from paddling the Buffalo River in Arkansas, Sara and I had the good fortune to ride together both Saturday and Sunday – on gravel/pavement with crossbikes on Saturday and chubby bikes on snowmobile trails on Sunday (55 degrees and sun on Saturday, 32 degrees and 30 + mph wind gusts on Sunday).
For the first time in 17 (or more) straight years, I won’t be going to Moab. Although I hate to miss it, the drive is getting too painful. Maybe Arkansas or Missouri are in the cards this time around…

$4000 or best offer. Know anyone looking for last year's Trek Top Fuel? It was Scott's bike and it's in great shape. We also have carbon clincher and carbon tubular 26" wheels and tires if interested.