Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nordic Racing

picture credit: Clayton Keim, Nordic Spirit Race Director

Sara has done one Nordic race so far this year and I am up to two. Sara would have done the Boulder Nordic race at Boulder Lake, about 45 min north of Duluth, if Kiera hadn't gotten sick. Mick at the SKIHUT was kind enough to give us bibs for the race so Sara still feels bad about letting it go to waste.

Skiing is the fantastic right now in Duluth. In fact, I haven't been on my bike for a couple of months due to coaching and good snow. I much prefer to ski over bike in the winter since I can work myself over so much better on skis than on the bike. I blew ski high at the Nordic Spirit race a couple of weeks ago and there is nothing harder than finishing off a ski race when you are seeing triple (in addition to being tired, one has to continue to cordinate a lot of moving equipment and try to keep from freezing to death).

Sara took the week off and we planned to go to Telemark and hang out with friends but Kiera's illness will keep us grounded at home.

Fat Bike Race on Korrki Nordic Singletrack

This is from Chis White at the SKIHUT:

I am going to put on a fat bike race at Korrki Nordic an March 16th...11:00 start time.

This will be a great event with a venue that will include...snow, mud, roots, hills and twisted

trails...maybe even a creek crossing,depending upon the weather. Guessing 20k

We are trying to raise money for a new mower for the trails, as one didn't make thru last season.

I am planning on charging $20.00...awards to 1,2,3 overall for men and women.

Bring dry clothes for after the race, we will have a bonfire a few cold beverages and brats.

Let me know your thoughts and pass the word...we will limit the event to 100.This race will be about going

out to have fun with friends