Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our yearly MTB trip to Moab, UT has already come and gone. We left last Thursday and returned late Friday evening. US 80 was shut down in Nebraska for about 100 miles last Thursday due to a blizzard. Rather than plow, they wait until the snow melts and then open up the highway again. The VW campervan had no trouble in the snow while plenty of other vehicles did. I'm sure we would have made it but the gates were down and troopers wouldn't allow us to give it a go. After waiting around in North Platte for four hours I decided to take a detour and made it to Sterling, CO. The roads were rough in spots, but we prevailed.

We met up with my brother Brad in Moab and ended up having the best weather ever over the 15 + years we've been there in the spring. Sara's new Top Fuel worked flawlessly and she really likes the new XTR components. She crashed really hard while pulling her zipper down and now she can barely walk and definitely can't push the pedal with her left leg so it looks like Iola is out for us. It's quite a bummer because she is getting up to speed and was making Tom Bender and me work pretty hard on the gravel road back to camp from Porcupine Rim. Tom is our KUHL team manager this year and he came down from Salt Lake to ride with us (and drop off soome carbon tubular Renolds wheels and Carbo Rocket - Thanks Tom!) for a day.

I ended up taking my new Superfly hardtail and it also worked perfectly. I usually ride a fully rigid bike in Moab but I sprained my thumb two years ago and since I can finally squeeze a water bottle with my left hand, I figured I shouldn't push it.

We rode a couple of new trails - Pothole Arch and Rockstacker - and they did not disappoint. I'm pretty happy anytime I have to hang my rear end over the back wheel and grab a handful of front break to keep my speed in check before launching over a drop off. We also rode in Fruita at the Loma trails on our way back home on Thursday afternoon.

Kiera and Boppy (Grandpa) had a great time on the trip as well (even thought Kiera had a cold the entire trip and she puked the last day and continues puking as I type). Buddy Bill, Bushey and Sean O'Brien also rode with us here and there during the week.

Over the six days of riding we sampled the following trails: Porcupine Rim, UPS, LPS, Hurrah Pass, Jacob's Ladder, Amasa Back, Jackson, Slickrock, Mary's, Horsethief, and More Fun. We got in almost 30 hours of warm weather riding so I'm pretty content to sit around and be lazy for the next couple of days.

It looks like the Cable Classic will be our first race as long as Sara's leg heals up.